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Contract: ABIC CP-2014 C Commercial Cost Plus (Set of 3)

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Author:Australian Institute of Architects & MBA
ISBN/Product Code:XX000160

The ABIC Cost Plus contract, CP-2014 C, is intended for use where an architect administers a cost plus contract. CP-2014 C replaced the former AIA/Master Builders agreed contract FF/C which is now obsolete. Use of FF/C is no longer authorised.

Under CP-2014 C, the contractor is to be paid an amount based on the costs incurred by the contractor, plus a margin on that amount. The fee is either a lump sum or a percentage of the cost of the Works, according to the options selected in the schedule to the CP-2014 C. Costs plus is a contract form suited to circumstances where there is insufficient detail at the commencement of work for a final cost to be calculated.

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