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Contract: ABIC SW 2018 Simple Works (Set of 3)

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Author:Australian Institute of Architects & MBA
ISBN/Product Code:XX000201

This is the latest issue of the ABIC Simple Works (SW) contract, launched in 2018, and can only be used for non-housing projects. The SW contract should be selected to suit each individual project, taking account of its complexity, value and any specific project issues or requirements. The SW and the Major Works (MW) contract both adapt monthly progress claims and payments. Compared to the MW contract, the SW does not provide contract mechanisms for:

--urgent instructions --separable parts to the works (staged practical completion) --change of type of security --security from owner to contractor --dangerous or contaminated materials --encroachments --quality assurance systems --separate contractors.

Included in this contract pack is 3 copies of the contract. The SW 2018 User Guide and the accompanying editable Forms are available separately for sale or download via Acumen.

A Reference Copy (watermarked PDF) for the architect or contractor is available for sale, if you would like to see the whole contract.

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