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Contract: ABIC SW 2018 H ACT Simple Works Housing (Set of 3)

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Author:Australian Institute of Architects & MBA
ISBN/Product Code:XX000206

This is the latest issue of the ABIC Simple Works contract, launched in 2018, and can only be used for housing projects. Under the Building Act 2004 (Act), projects for residential building and for which the contract price is $12,000 or more, must use a compliant form of contract, like the SW H ACT.

Under the Act, “residential building work” includes the construction, alteration or improvement to a residential building (as defined below) and associated building work, but not paving, fencing, retaining walls and swimming pools, or demolition of a whole building, among other things.

Under the Act, a “residential building” means a building intended mainly for private residential use if for example the building has no more than 3 storeys (excluding any storey used exclusively for carparking), or a part of any building, more than 3 storeys or not, if that part provides structural support (is structurally integral) to a residential building.

The definition of “residential building work” in the Act is not particularly clear and the Act seeks to clarify the meaning by analysing a number of examples of building types and situations. If there is any doubt about whether the project is a residential building, the builder or the owner should get legal advice about whether the Act applies to the project.

The SW H ACT also provides a mechanism for the owner to pay the contractor a deposit. The deposit amount is a pre-payment of the contract price. See the User Guide for more information on the deposit amount payable and how the mechanism for payment works under the ABIC 2018 contracts.

Included in this contract pack is 3 copies of the contract and an Information Statement for the Owner.

A Reference Copy for the architect or contractor is available for sale, if you would like to see the whole contract.

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