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Contact: CAA Limited Services 2019 (Set of 2)

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Author:Australian Institute of Architects
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The Institute publishes the 2019 Client Architect Agreement for Limited Services (CAALS2019) which can be used for limited services and projects of small size and low complexity or unique engagements that don’t require full architectural services.

While it is similar to the CAA2019 in many respects, the CAALS2019 doesn’t contain all provisions of the CAA2019 and some other provisions and procedures differ. Like the CAA2019, it adopts user-friendly plain English and includes new provisions and clarifications on key mechanisms, such as: Cost of Works, Fees, Changes to the Services, Protracted Services, use of the intellectual property in The Design, digital files, terminating the agreement and an advance payment (Mobilisation Fee). Layout, concepts and defined terminology familiar from the CAA2019 are used.

The CAALS2019 is not a substitute or direct alternative to the CAA2019. The CAALS2019 should only be used for limited engagements with a low value and low complexity. For all other engagements, or if in doubt which of the two agreement forms to use, we strongly recommend you use the more comprehensive Client Architect Agreement 2019 (CAA2019). If you are unsure which agreement form is appropriate for your particular engagement, you should seek legal advice.

Included in this pack is 2 copies of the agreement.

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